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Bringing the School of Tomorrow to the World Today


In the late 1960's parents were in an uproar concerning the rising tide of illiteracy in the United States.  Research into the structure of the conventional educational system in America showed a system that had gone awry; and the problem was not limited to geographical boundaries.  Students around the world needed an educational program geared to the individual needs of the student, not the system.


The Edna Christian Academy provides, using the School of Tomorrow educational curriculum, a "radical" renewal in the educational standards of yesteryear.  For over 30 years "School of Tomorrow" has provided a self instructional, individually prescribed program that is revolutionizing learning the world over.  This curriculum is presently being used in nearly 7,000 schools in over 120 countries.  Plus, thousands of parents worldwide are using this material for their children who are home schooling. This program provides:


 Back to basics education

 Individualized learning meeting students specific needs and capabilities

 Character-building principles

 A high-tech environment using advanced computer technology

 Access to video interactive technology

 Computerized reading and typing programs


Along with these technological advances, a consistent one-on-one teacher/pupil relationship takes the learning environment to its ultimate potential for the most advanced educational system ever.

Our Philosophy

It is our desire to restore in our children the academic excellence that once prevailed in our country, and re-establish the morals, ethics, principles, manners, and quality of cooperative existence that made this country great.

Our History

August of the year 2000 witnessed the nativity of the Edna Christian Academy. The objective is to provide an educational proxy; a system offering the ultimate classroom scenario of a consistent one-on-one student / teacher ratio, in a controlled atmosphere, with qualified personnel, in an environment created through the teaching of Biblical, Christian morals and ethics.

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