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Welcome to Edna Christian Academy,


and thank you for your interest in a sound education from an accredited school of academic excellence.  

Admissions to ECA is relatively simple: you may down load the forms, fill them out completely, and then 

bring them to the school Monday through Thursday during school hours, 8:00am to 3:30 pm.  From 

there, an interview with administration and faculty will be arranged.  All students will be screened; 

meaning the previous school of attendance will be contacted and meetings with the principle, 

counselor, and/or teacher will take place.  ECA wishes to help any student to excel during their 

educational career. However, let it be known, ECA is not a reform school.  Rather, it is a school for the 

industrious and self-driven student to excel and possibly enter into college courses do to arrangements 

with local colleges or early graduation.  The big “plus” is all this transpires in a Christian atmosphere.  

We are strict in the event that vulgarity, lewdness, or any activity not conforming to Biblical Christian 

standards will not be tolerated.   ECA is a Christian school, teaching Christian ethics, morals, principles, 

and manners. Let it be known, we believe in what we do and the results proven over the years. 

We look forward to meeting parents and students who share the beliefs and values of the 

greatest book ever printed, the Bible, and who are willing to sacrifice the time, money, and effort to 

provide the best for their students in educational standards, and showing a desire for the best.  


    May God Bless!







   Because of Calvary, I remain



   Rev. Darrell E. Clark, Jr. MAIS







To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm


You can also request more information with this form:

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