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August of the year 2000 witnessed the nativity of the Edna Christian Academy. The pastor of the First Pentecostal Church, Rev. Darrell Clark, had been associated with Accelerated Christian Education since 1975, performing the duties of supervisor, and eventually principal, of Piqua Christian School in Piqua, Ohio, following his graduation from Earlham College receiving a B.A. with a major in Mathematics. Upon arrival at the First Pentecostal Church of Edna, Rev. Clark’s vision for the church was to add to its outreach, a Christian school, with the intent to open the doors to the community of Edna, offering an alternative to the public educational system. Intense criticism existed throughout the district revealing deficiencies in multiple areas, not the least, being a deficiency in academic accomplishment and immense immorality. Six years of planning, preparation, and convincement was immersed into both the constituency and the congregation. With increasing conviction from both elements, opportunity was ripe for the initiation of Edna, Texas to Christian education. 

Understanding it was not our intent or desire to be in direct competition with the public educational system of Jackson and the surrounding counties, the objective was, and still is, to provide an educational proxy; a system offering the ultimate classroom scenario of a consistent one-on-one student / teacher ratio, in a controlled atmosphere, with qualified personnel, in an environment created through the teaching of Biblical, Christian morals and ethics. Using the finest in curriculum, Edna Christian Academy relies on the Accelerated Christian Education format to present a curriculum based on one’s ability to read and comprehend. All subjects of math, English, social studies, science, word building, and literature are offered throughout grade 8, with the high school subjects differentially applied in the credit format, accomplishing the necessary requirements in the state of Texas for a high school diploma. 

Functioning under the philosophy that all children can learn, Edna Christian Academy presents the highest level of academic achievement in a Christian atmosphere. It is with pride that we announce our accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges (SACS) and Schools, and Advanced ED (Formally CITA). 

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